Wine Out! Bringing Families Together

Wine Out product is not just for wine clean ups…


Our Sales & Design Consultant shares one of his favorite customer stories:

Wineout12ozThe setting: Rosehill Wine Cellars Showroom

Older couple, very nice.

The lady was so happy to have found us. She had read about the Wine Out product we carry, and then had an occasion to talk to a friend of hers who absolutely loved the product. Which was good news, because she had been looking for a solution like this for quite some time now.

She told me a story…about 8 years ago, she had spilled red wine on her daughter’s new white carpet. She was so mortified and embarrassed, that she has never consumed alcohol at her daughter’s home again.

By finding this product at Rosehill right around the corner from her, she could finally turn the corner in her relationship with the daughter.

She came in and brought several bottles with the intention of keeping some and giving some as gifts, with one bottle in particular going to her daughter. Needless to say she was extremely happy.

About a week later, I received a phone call. It was the lady calling. She again was very happy and excited to tell me that, (without getting into too graphic of detail), two nights previous there had been a very serious medical accident at her home. After the EMS had left, she proceeded to remove a large amount of blood that had soaked into her carpet using the Wine Out product.

She said the results were spectacular. And while she did not want to gross anyone out with her story, she felt she had to tell us how happy she was with the product. And that she would be in shortly to purchase an additional bottle.

The end.