Putting a Wine Bar in Your Home Offers Great Entertainment

Howard MillerWhen a party is on the agenda, there is no better way to entertain your guests than around a wine bar in your home.

Imagine the convenience of having everything you need for entertaining all in one place.

No longer will you need to get wine glasses from one cabinet, a wine opener in a drawer on the opposite side of the room, and your bottles of wine from your wine cellar or other storage area.

Simply put, a wine bar is the most convenient and sophisticated way to have a party and have wines stored which will be consumed within shorter time periods.Howard Miller

Please note that wine bars are not meant for long-term storage of your wine due to the fact that most are not climate controlled.

Choosing the perfect wine bar may seem like a difficult decision at first, but there are many ways that you can quickly narrow down the choices. Take your time when you are looking at the different styles, sizes and materials.

Howard MillerBe sure that you are looking at the dimensions to ensure that it will properly fit in the area that it will be placed in. There is nothing worse than your wine bar furniture arriving only to be too big or too small to fit.

Also, ensure you have the clearances in your home to navigate your chosen wine bar on stairs or around corners during the delivery.

Wine bars can range from small to large. One of our favorites is the expandable wine storage cabinet by Howard Miller. This unit will open up to a wine bar when you are entertaining guests and go back to a compact wine storage cabinet when everyone has gone home. This is such a perfect solution for people with limited space, like in a condo.Howard Miller

If matching your current décor is the issue, rest assured that there are many different designs – contemporary, traditional or country – to choose from that will perfectly suit your budget and your needs.

Your ultimate wine bar may consist of a wine cooler or wine refrigerator, and sitting stools, depending on your chosen style of wine bar.

Of course, every wine bar needs some additional accessory items.  Some of the basic things you will need to complete your wine bar are: wine glasses, corkscrews, wine decanter, and wine cooler, just to name a few.

But, don’t forget the most important accessory of all – that special bottle of wine to be shared among friends.

For ideas, check out our selection of credenza cabinets, and other Howard Miller furniture.