Koolspace Cooling Units

Absolutely! At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we believe the wine cellar cooling unit is the most important addition to a properly insulated cellar.

The wrong climate in your wine cellar could be devastating to your investment and ruin your growing wine collection.

A quality wine cellar cooling unit & proper insulation is the best investment you can make, even if your wine collection is small.

CellarPro Cooling UnitsThere are various types of wine cellar cooling units to choose from, some are simple wall-mounted systems, (such a Koolspace, CellarPro, EuroCave INOA) some are split units (WhisperKool, Breezaire) and some units can be ducted like Wine Guardian or the ONAM water cooled system.

ONAM Cooling UnitsThe simplest through the wall cooler is the most popular and least expensive cellar cooling system.  The split or ducted systems are beneficial if you don’t have a wall to vent through or if noise is an issue.

The refrigeration system best suited for your wine cellar depends on many factors, such as location of the cooling unit, your geographical location, as well as wine cellar room size.

WhisperKOOL Cooling UnitsThe required size of the unit is generally based on the size of your wine cellar but may be affected by other factors.  If you have not yet built your wine cellar, it is best to understand your cooling unit needs and prepare room for such.

Remember, the environment in which you are storing your wine is more important than the look of the cellar.

Breezaire Cooling Units

When selecting a cooling unit, it is best to anticipate the size of your wine collection; this will help to determine room size, and subsequently the best cooling unit for your needs.

Please note that an over-sized cooling unit will not compensate for poor insulation.

It cannot be stressed enough that without a good cooling unit system, your wine collection could be greatly affected.

If on a budget, cellar builders should spend more money on proper cellar insulation & a cooling unit than on wine racks or other aesthetics.  Racks can always be installed at a later time if budget is a concern.

Again, the insulation and the cooling unit are the most important aspects of your cellar!