Liebherr is the Mercedes-Benz of Wine Storage

Liebherr Offers German Engineered Wine Refrigerators

Liebherr Wine Cabinets @ Rosehill Wine CellarsTemperature, humidity, lighting and vibration—all influence how fine wines develop.

The conditions in which vintage wines are stored are extremely important. One of the best ways to ensure superb wine storage is to use a wine refrigerator.

Rosehill Wine Cellars offers a wide range of various wine cabinets and we recently started carrying Liebherr!

The Liebherr Difference

Incorporating the latest climate technology, Liebherr cabinets provide precisely the right conditions for wines to mature in peace and reach their peak of flavor.

Including a state-of-the-art electronic control system, unique compressors and a host of thoughtfully designed features, these appliances are specifically tailored for storing your wine in the optimum conditions.

Liebherr Cabinet Features:

  • Liebherr Wine Cabinets @ Rosehill Wine CellarsGerman engineering and European design equals top quality.
  • All Liebherr wine cabinets are equipped with active charcoal filters, purifying all incoming air to eliminate the negative impact of odors and poor air quality on the flavor of your wine.
  • The units also feature untreated wooden shelving; which, free from coating materials, give off no odors.
  • Innovative, dimmable LED lights provide an ambient atmosphere. Since any heat generated by the LEDs is minimal, your wines can be presented for a longer time period.
  • Liebherr’s specially developed compressors minimize noise and vibration, allowing your vintage collection to mature in peace.
  • The insulated, tinted glass doors also keep out damaging UV rays, providing the dark storage conditions that fine wines demand.

Product Lineup:

Multi-Temperature Wine CabinetsLiebherr WS14300

Multi-temperature wine cabinets are especially suited for storing different types of wine at their respective drinking temperatures. These appliances incorporate a special climate control system that can layer the temperatures.

Liebherr WS13500Wine Storage Cabinets (1 Temperature)

Wine storage cabinets are the ideal choice for storing a larger wine collection long-term. Additionally, these appliances are perfectly suited for keeping larger quantities at drinking temperature.

The temperature selected is maintained at a uniform, constant level throughout the interior of these wine storage cabinets.

Additional StorageLiebherr XS200

– Cigar/Humidor, beverage, and outdoor storage options.

Rosehill is proud to recently begin selling the Liebherr brand of wine cabinets.  This high-end cabinet is a popular item for kitchen renovations amongst the top interior designers. High-quality stainless steel finishing works with a wide range of kitchen décors.

Your wine deserves the very best home!