Unique wine & food pairings to try this holiday weekend.

You know that old standby that tells us to pair white wines with chicken/fish and red wines with red meat? Well, it no longer holds true. And besides, it’s boring!

Here are some myth-breaking food/wine couplings to experiment with this holiday weekend …

Japanese Cuisine with Champagne

“Try pairing a dry, crisp Champagne with sushi or sashimi. There is something wonderful about washing down the luxurious, fresh fish with a crisp sparkling wine. Other sparkling wines and even still wines that are crisp, acidic and fresh will work as well.”

Tater Tots & Barolo

“Not too surprising if you think about it, since potatoes are a nice vehicle for fats and starches, but with relatively neutral flavor so that the wine flavors are not compromised (Champagne and frites is a personal favorite). The combination of textures in this case works well, too. Leave the ketchup out of the equation, though, please.”

And as a silly pairing for dessert:

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs with El Bon Homme from Valencia, Spain

“The gooey chocolate-and-peanut butter combo brought out the chocolate flavor of the wine while muting its initial strong bite. Despite the sweetness of the candy, the pairing was not too sweet overall. It tasted exactly like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Being huge fans of peanut butter and jelly, we will definitely be trying the combo again and again.”

Of course with the biggest outdoor cooking holiday upon us, you might want some traditional tips for pairing wine with BBQ foods:

Asparagus & Sauvignon Blanc

“Like other relatively strong-flavored vegetables, the flavor of asparagus can seem a little strange with wine, but remember the wine-pairing rule, “Match likes with likes.” A grassy, herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc can be stellar with asparagus. Remember, too, that an awkward ingredient can often be introduced to wine through intermediaries: Pour a rich Hollandaise on your asparagus and bring it up to meet a similarly rich and buttery Chardonnay; stir the asparagus into a risotto and don’t spare the grated cheese, and it suddenly becomes friendly with a variety of wines from Sauvignon Blanc to Chianti.”

Steak & Baco Noir

“A great wine with ribs and thick steaks is Baco Noir. This wine has heft to it – very complex flavors, with wood, spice, richness, texture. Definitely a long finish, something that can go with a rich BBQ ribs dish.”

Want more ideas?

Check out our Wine & Food Pairing Widget By Natalie MacLean and match a specific food to a wine or vice versa. You’ll never be wondering what to serve again.