15 Interesting Wine Gadgets

There are so many high technology gadgets and nifty innovations for wine lovers.

Take a gander at these really smart devices to help epicureans enjoy their wine and spirits.

Keyless Wine Bottle Lock

For $25 you get a wine bottle lock which actually could act as an expandable cap for any bottle of alcohol. The lock requires a four digit code to open.

Hat Tip: Gizmodo

Wrap Wine Thermometer by Trudeau

This thermometer is stainless steel with a LCD strip on it for measuring temperature. It uses liquid crystal thermo-chromic ink which is formulated to change colour at different temperatures. It also features average serving temperatures for various wines listed around the perimeter.

Trudeau Digital Wine Thermometer features,

  • Elegant black and stainless steel finish
  • Shows most popular wine serving temperatures
  • Self-activated button gives instant reading
  • Button to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius


Crystal Wine Glass Doorbell

It’s made of 2 crystal glasses that have been hung upside down. Then in the center is a tiny hammer that is triggered by your usual electromagnet Doorbell. It’d be a great gift for just about anyone, but even better if you have a friend who has a serious love for wine.

Hat Tip: coolest-gadgets.com

Waring Chiller

It does exactly what it says: chills or warms a bottle of wine to the ideal temperature, as dialed in manually or by wine type. Recommended as a gift for cork dork who “has everything”.

Hat Tip: wineweekly.com

Skybar One

The high-tech system is designed to do four things, all at the press of a button: chill the wine to the optimal temperature (there are pre-programmed settings for 15 different varietals), dispense the wine (no need to remove the bottle or mess with re-corking), preserve the wine for up to 10 days via vacuum technology, and display the wine attractively in the sleekly designed case that features LED lighting for ambiance.

Hat Tip: seriousaboutwine.co.za

Magic Chain Wine Bottle Holder

The brushed, Black Metal Chain wine bottle holder is a unique way to display your most prized bottle of wine.

Size: 6″ high.

Holds one bottle of wine.

You can find the Magic Chain Wine Bottle Holder at Rosehill Wine Cellars.

Pre-filled Wine Goblets

Introduced to much controversy, The Tulip is a 187ml wine ‘glass’ pre-filled with either, red, white or rose wine. The wine is then sealed to maintain wine quality and to give a shelf life of over 1 year. Tulip is completely shatter proof and said to be near unbreakable.

Hat Tip: wine innovations ltd com

Wine Stopper USB Drive

This fun Wine Stopper USB Drive comes in a variety of sizes from 64MB up to 16GB, and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Hat Tip: geeky-gadgets.com

Shatterproof Wineglasses and Tumblers

shatterproof wine glasses, tumblers, flutes

Perfect for pool, patio, beach & cottage. Made of shatterproof thermoplastic polymer resin, these wine glasses are designed just like crystal stemless ware. Like crystal, there is no leaching that might alter the body and aroma of the wine from these glasses. Better still, a handy thumb notch provides the perfect level for a pour. After extended use, the glasses are meant to be recycled.

Get Shatterproof Wine Glasses from Rosehill Wine Cellars

Clef du Vin Pocket Wine Tasting Tool

Apparently this gadget can mature young wine instantly – approx. one year per second. When dipped into wine, the metal alloy on the tip replicates the aging process, softening the tannins in young wines and improving their taste.

Hat Tip: luxist.com

World’s Smallest Corkscrew

Cleverly designed to fit on a key ring without stabbing you in the leg or ripping your pants, this handy gadget might just get you the reputation as “most prepared” at the party…

Hat Tip: incrediblethings.com

Final Touch Funnel

The “Final Touch” oxygenates or aerates younger red and some white wines to help release the bouquet. Allowing wine to breath (as it is sometimes referred to) is allowing it to be exposed to air after opening. The benefit from oxygenating wine can mean an experience of up to twice as much scent and flavor. The “Final Touch” performs this enhancement without a decanter, right on the end of the bottle so that you can pour directly into the glass. Even helps trap sediment.

Vinturi Wine Aerator

Why wait for wine to breathe to achieve its fullest flavor when you can enhance the bouquet, taste and mouth feel in an instant with the scientifically proven, easy-to-use Vinturi Wine Aerator. Simply hold the aerator over a glass or decanter and pour the wine through. Just the right amount of air is drawn into the wine to instantly open it up. It’s that fast and simple.

Wine Glass & Champagne Flute Sponge

Do you risk putting your delicate wine glasses and champagne flutes in the dishwasher or do you struggle to wash them by hand? The long shape of the flute sponge lets you get to the bottom of the glass and the rounded end hugs the curves of your wine glasses.

Hat Tip: swiss-miss.com

Red Pinna M Neck Out Specialty Wine Rack

This rack is made out of solid Mango wood and comes in several colours.

3 bottle: 3-6/16″ W x 6-5/16″ d x 35-7/16″ H
6 bottle: 3-6/16″ W x 6-5/16″ d x 45-4/16″ H
9 bottle: 3-6/16″ W x 6-5/16″ d x 55-8/16″ H
12 bottle: 3-6/16″ W x 6-5/16″ d x 64-15/16″ H

Get the Red Pinna Specialty Wine Rack at Rosehill Wine Cellars.