Building Your Wine Cellar – by Gary LaRose

Gary LaRose

Gary LaRose President, Rosehill Wine Cellars

Building a wine cellar is a labour of love and it’s important to ensure that it’s done properly. At Rosehill Wine Cellars we have many years of successful custom wine cellar design and construction expertise to draw on.

When planning your cellar, the most important thing to consider is proper insulation. Resources should also be set aside for a quality cooling unit – even if initially you simply want a passive cellar, you should still determine during the construction phase which cooling unit could be installed. Go ahead and create the necessary fittings to allow the cooling unit to be installed in the future.

A wine cellar’s insulation/vapour barrier works opposite to regular home construction as you want to keep the cold air in the cellar – so take the time to ensure you fully understand this construction stage.  At Rosehill, we prefer spray foam insulation in our cellars for both insulation and reduction of moisture levels.  While windows and doors are popular in cellars, they provide little R value – ensure you select the sealed thermal pane option.  Doors should be exterior grade with weather-stripping on all four sides.

Racks should be chosen according to your collecting style and budget.  There is a wide variety of racking available on the market. Try our “Design Your Wine Cellar” wizard for racking layout assistance.

Other construction details to consider are:

  • the location of the cellar
  • the climate you live in
  • the temperature you desire your cellar to keep
  • recurrent vibrations within chosen area (furnace, motors, etc)
  • lighting
  • flooring
  • … and more

Our complete Wine Cellar Construction Tips document (PDF format) is available here.

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