Tools to help you manage your wine cellar.

There’s so much  to manage when it comes to your wine cellar, you’re likely in need of some help!

For example:

  • Are you drinking your wines at their peaks?
  • What’s the weather like in your cellar? Do you have the correct temperature and humidity settings for the season and geographic region?
  • Do you need assistance with tracking your inventory? Whether you have a few bottles or thousands, tracking management software can help you with cellaring guidelines, store your tasting notes … even with appropriate food matches for your wines in your personal collection.

Rosehill carries a number of excellent products to help you enjoy your cellar better.

Cellar Sensor

As a collector of fine wine you know how quickly even minor fluctuations in the air temperature and/or humidity can impact the chemistry of your wine. When you’re away from your cellar, do you wonder if the climate conditions are remaining constant?

CellarSensor™ allows you to keep tabs on your cellar’s conditions at all times, even when you’re not at home. Remotely monitor and  measure air temperature, humidity & liquid temperature.

Access current readings via an online gateway or set your system to send you a phone/email alert when conditions are not meeting your standards.


The New eSommelier wine cellar management system provides the simplest and most efficient way to organize your wine cellar, using an intuitive touch screen interface.

Getting your cellar in order adds to the enjoyment of your collection. It helps you locate any bottle in pinch, and perhaps something not as thought about, it also ensures that wines do not cellar past their prime.

The system boasts an elegant colour touch screen and all software and processing power are built-in. Its barcode printer creates a bar code label for each bottle entered and the accompanying  bar code scanner makes removing bottles from your inventory easy.

Wine Label Software

All of our wine software packages offer quick and simple solutions for recording your wine. The wine cellar software can be used for either a wine cabinet or your wine cellar.

We’ve put together a great comparison chart to help you discover which product suits your cellar needs best:


CellarTracker is one of the world’s largest wine databases. It’s totally free to use and works on a crowdsourcing model to collect data on tracked bottles. You also fine over a million user-generated wine tasting notes. It also allows you to track the value of your own wine collection.

There is a fee option and that gives allows you access additional online resources, such as Stephen Tanzer, Wine Market Journal and Jancis Robinson.

Eric LeVine, CellarTracker’s founder, just recently launched a new site built on the CellarTracker platform called GrapeStories.