Vintage Keeper release delayed until 2011

VINTAGE KEEPER STATUS – October 14, 2010

NO Vintage Keepers till the New Year!

There have been further delays at the factory and NO units are arriving in October. The initial shipment of Vintage Keepers are expected to arrive in January with full stocking position in the spring.

Once the units are available, we will be fulfilling orders on a First Come, First Served basis. By placing your order online you will be positioned in the priority queue. (Please note, we won’t process payment until the product is available.)

Some people have questioned whether the new Vintage Keeper line will coming at all. The answer is yes! The owner of Vintage Keeper wants to make sure the product is perfect prior to the launch. He has deep pockets and is able to withstand the delay.

However, many of our customers have become impatient with the delay – if you are not able to wait, you may want to review an alternative wine storage solution. Please see our selection of wine cabinets:

We will keep your name on our waiting list and will update again when we have more information. We apologize for any inconvenience.