Wine Refrigerator Spotlight: Le Cache

In our last Wine Refrigerator Spotlight we reviewed Dometic and today we look at Le Cache.

Rosehill Wine Cellars offers a wide range of wine refrigerator brands including, Vintage Keeper, Cavavin, Danby, Vinotheque, EuroCave and Le Cache We’re currently reviewing our top brands: Dometic, Vinotheque and Le Cache; but first a fridge primer.

The term “wine refrigerator” can mean anything from the small home wine cooler to the large multi-zone refrigerators suitable for commercial ventures. At Rosehill, wine refrigerators are available for needs from cooling white wines to long-term storage of both red & white wines. The refrigerators we carry range in storage capacity of anything from 6 bottles to 600+ bottles. In other words, the wine refrigerator for you is here, keep reading.

Some things you’ll want to know:

Bottle capacity for all of the different manufacturers are based on same standard 750mL Bordeaux Bottles. This allows for standardization of capacities; Bordeaux being the most streamlined and allow for maximum bottle storage. Actual bottle capacity may be less depending on the type of bottles loaded into your wine cabinet.

Long term storage of both reds and white wine is generally recommended at 55-57 degrees. For home use, a “dual temperature” cabinet may not be necessary. Dual Temperature is most popular within a restaurant or commercial environment where it is important to have the wine at immediate serving temperature.

Plumbing/Electricity Our wine refrigerators plug into standard household outlets, do not need any plumbing attachments and can be easily moved if you relocate. Most of the wine cabinets are free-standing so they need air circulation at the back. We also carry front venting, built-in wine coolers to incorporate tightly into any kitchen design.

Le Cache

With several models to choose from, Le Cache is known for being a premier wine cabinet. Built from cherry wood, there are several models to choose from with storage capacities of 172 to 622 bottles.

These cabinets create optimal storage conditions for protecting and preserving fine wine collections, providing digital temperature control and optimal humidity levels while offering advanced protection from harmful UV rays and vibration inside the wine cabinet.

Features of Le Cache

  • Premium Cherry Wood Exterior
  • Hardwood cherry door(s)
  • Beautiful hand rubbed finish
  • Cellar Pro 1800-QT cooling unit is standard
  • Digital display and temperature control
  • Temperature range from 48 to 63 degrees
  • Double-paned Glass
  • UV tinting
  • Security Lock(s) – Included
  • Steel refrigerator hinges. You won’t see the hinges unless you’re looking for them.
  • Zero set Back required from the wall
  • Plugs into standard household outlet

Some things to note:

  • Credenzas & Upright models available If you need to put the unit in your garage or warmer location, check out the LC3100Storage.
  • With Le Cache’s unique SB/O™ Technology (Zero Set Back) there is 0 clearance required behind the unit.

For available fridges, capacities, technical specifications and an overview of additional features, visit our Le Cache wine cabinets product line page.