“The Ways of the Wine” – New film about sommelier Charlie Artuarola.

From SubterraneaFilms:

This is a film about famous sommelier Charlie Arturaola who arrives to in Mendoza, Argentina, to take part in the glamorous event “Masters of Food and Wine”.

Before his tastings, between all the glamour and stress, something unusual happens: he loses his palate. In his quest to recover it, he has decisive encounters with the most important people of the wine world, like Michel Rolland, who suggests that he needs to “wash” his palate with the best wines of the region.

So Charlie begins the journey, paying visits to huge wineries and small vineyards all in an attempt to get closer to the people of the villages who work the vines. Realizing the failure of the advice, his journey becomes a return, moving away from that glamorous world he thinks he belongs to and turns into a new journey towards his true essence, his loved ones, his pains and real ghosts.

“The Ways of the Wine” debuts at the Berlin Film Festival.