Wine Refrigerator Spotlight: Vinotheque

In our last Wine Refrigerator Spotlight we reviewed Le Cache and today we look at Vinotheque.

Rosehill Wine Cellars offers a wide range of wine refrigerator brands including, Vintage Keeper, Cavavin, Danby, Vinotheque, EuroCave and Le Cache.

We’re currently reviewing our top brands: Dometic, Vinotheque and Le Cache; but first a fridge primer.

The term “wine refrigerator”can mean anything from the small home wine cooler to the large multi-zone refrigerators suitable for commercial ventures. At Rosehill, wine refrigerators are available for needs from cooling white wines to long-term storage of both red & white wines. The refrigerators we carry range in storage capacity of anything from 6 bottles to 600+ bottles. In other words, the wine refrigerator for you is here, keep reading.

Some things you’ll want to know:

Bottle capacity for all of the different manufacturers are based on same standard 750mL Bordeaux Bottles. This allows for standardization of capacities; Bordeaux being the most streamlined and allow for maximum bottle storage. Actual bottle capacity may be less depending on the type of bottles loaded into your wine cabinet.

Long term storage of both reds and white wine is generally recommended at 55-57 degrees. For home use, a “dual temperature” cabinet may not be necessary. Dual Temperature is most popular within a restaurant or commercial environment where it is important to have the wine at immediate serving temperature.

Plumbing/Electricity Our wine refrigerators plug into standard household outlets, do not need any plumbing attachments and can be easily moved if you relocate. Most of the wine cabinets are free-standing so they need air circulation at the back. We also carry front venting, built-in wine coolers to incorporate tightly into any kitchen design.


The Vinotheque team of specialty wood workers and cabinet makers hand craft each cabinet to customer specifications. As a result, the cabinets are sophisticated, self-contained climate controlled wine storage solutions that serve as refined functional extensions to your furniture and decor.

The Vinotheque cabinets are defined through specified door and molding styles. Some cabinets also feature distinct wood selections. Specific options include size, racking, wood finish and front venting.

Rosehill’s Signature Series Vinotheque cabinets come with the QT series Cooling system and PDT Thermostat Upgrade already included in our price. We feel if you’re spending this much money on a Wine Cabinet, you want to make sure you are getting the best cooling system available. So, if obtaining competitive quotes, please ensure you are comparing apples to apples – a dealer quoting on a WK system for the custom Vinotheque line is not working in your best interest.

The VILA & V-Series Series of Cabinets have the WhisperKOOL WK Cooling System, a more economical option for meeting the cabinet’s cooling needs. It utilizes the industry standard –  forced air cooling. (WK is a box that sits in the wine cabinet; QT has refrigerator like coils so you don’t see the cooling unit in the cabinet itself.)

Like the custom line, the VILLA  & V-Series are also wood cabinets available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors.  As there is less customization in these series, these cabinets are available with much quicker turn around times and are much less expensive than the Vinotheque Custom line.   These range in size from 224 to 448 bottle capacity.