15 wine varieties that are great for cellaring


“I’ve always said that a wine cellar is not a hospital, so if you don’t like a wine when it’s young—if it’s unbalanced, flawed or just not good—there’s no magical transformation that will happen with aging. It just gets older.” —Dr. Vinny


Get to know the wines that age best

Here are 15 wine varieties that “age gracefully” and to consider for your cellar:


1) Brunello di Montalcino
2) so-called “Super Tuscans” (typically contain one or more of the classic Bordeaux varieties)
3) Barolo
4) Barbaresco


5) Ribera del Duero
6) Priorato
7) Rioja Gran Reserva


8) Medoc
9) Graves
10) St Emilion
11) Pomerol
12) Pommard


13) California Cabernet Sauvignon (premium)


14) Shiraz (premium)
15) Penfolds Grange