Advice For Traveling With Precious Bottles From Your Wine Collection

Are you preparing for travel this holiday season? Worried if you pack that cherished bottle you’ll be dealing with a different kind of break?

Whether you want to pack one bottle or several, we have some ideas and tips to help you get that bottle to its destination safely.


Wine Skin – leak-proof travel

Created with two strong adhesive seals, WineSkin secures 750-ml (or smaller) bottles by incorporating strong, shock-absorption materials with leak-proof confidence.

Simply insert the bottle into the WineSkin, then peel the inner seal and compress it against the protective outer vinyl covering. Then form-fit the balance of the WineSkin around the base of the 750ml bottle, and peel and stick the outer seal. It’s that simple!

Now your wine is ready for travel or transport with confidence.


  • A tough, flexible and durable vinyl wrap with double-sealed seams all around
  • A protective, bubble-wrap interior that provides shock and impact absorption
  • A dual-strip sealing system with a leak-proof lock in the event of breakage

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BottleWise Rollup – eco-friendly and compact

Designed with the sophisticated culinary traveler in mind, BottleWise Rollup features a padded, insulated sleeve, plus one interior liquid-tight liner to protect your bottle from breakage. The versatile wine travel case allows foodies to safely transport a variety of gourmet liquids and is reusable, so it’s environmentally friendly. When not in use, Rollup simply lays flat; when needed, just roll that bottle up for safe travels! No breaks. No leaks. No worries.

  • Compact: Packs flat in your checked luggage and is perfect for short trips
  • Reusable: Eco-friendly and a low cost per use
  • Versatile: Protects up to a 1L bottle of wine, spirits, oils and more!
  • Liquid Tight: Prevents leakage that could occur from any bottle containing liquids
  • Lightweight: Only 8.6 oz. empty
  • Lifetime Guarantee and Made in the USA

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Insulated Single Bottle Tote – great for day-trips

This Insulated Single Bottle Tote is made with three layers of thermal insulated lining designed to keep your favourite bottle cool while traveling to your destination. Complete with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.


  • Wide top opening with zippers for easy access
  • Made using durable fabric along with faux suede accents

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BottleWise Duo Bag – perfect for the serious wino/foodie

Designed for culinary travelers, BottleWise Duo uses a patent-pending protection system that lets travelers safely pack two 750ml bottles compactly inside checked luggage using special padded liquid-tight Bot’lPaks.

The high-quality bag also makes a versatile tote giving you the flexibility you need when traveling with wine or other culinary treasures.



  • Black or Bordeaux colour
  • Two padded liquid-tight Bot’lPaks – each Bot’lPak holds one 750ml bottle
  • Packs neatly in checked luggage
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • TSA-friendly design
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime guarantee!

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6 Bottle Wine Trolley – ideal for carrying several bottles

Great for both short and long-distance travel, this insulated wine trolley is the perfect companion for the traveling wine lover. The 6-bottle trolley comes with padded compartment dividers (which can be removed or re-configured for culinary use), e-z-glide ABS wheels and balancing feet at the base so the bag is steady at rest. The telescoping handle makes traveling easy. (Please note, due to restrictions on flying with liquids, the Wine Trolley is not designed to be brought onto the airplane with you and is not appropriate as checked luggage for your wine.)

Inside insulated with removable padded divider, Velcro side pockets.

Dimensions: 17″x13″x9″

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