Tech Tuesday … The VinoVault ~ May 31, 2011

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Wine Preserve Standard VinoVault ~ $349.00

Open several bottles of wine without worrying about spoilage.

The VinoVault has a built-in wine-preserving system that allows you to lock in the freshness of your opened bottles. Share and enjoy wine-by-the-glass, just like you would at your favourite restaurants!

The VinoVault uses state of the art technology to provide efficient, reliable and most importantly green cooling. Its system is one of the only wine chillers in the world to use a Peltier Module in combination with Heat Pipe technology. Heat pipe technology is 10x more efficient than standard wine chillers. This allows the system to operate ultra-quietly with much less energy.


  • stores/chills up to 14 bottles
  • preserves youres of wine
  • European styling / green cooling
  • illuminates and displays your favorite bottle in the window
  • chrome slide out shelves / Preservino Wine Stoppers
  • locks in freshness
  • cool blue LED