Beppi Crosariol weighs in, “Which wine aerator provides the best bang for your buck?”

Wine AeratorTHE QUESTION: Which wine aerator provides the best bang for your buck? They all seem to do the same thing and even the Vinturi has a specific white-wine and red-wine aerator. What’s the difference?

THE ANSWER: Aerators are all the rage in the wine-accessories world. I’ve tried out countless versions. Aerators are designed to improve flavour by accelerating wine’s exposure to oxygen. In measured doses, oxygen can soften texture and enhance fruitiness and complexity. The traditional aeration tool is the familiar decanter, a snazzy crystal pitcher that few pretentious connoisseur would be caught without (yes, I’ve got several). The simple act of pouring a bottle into a decanter agitates the liquid, bringing more molecules into contact with air. Most decanters feature a wide bowl that continues the process as the wine sits around. More surface above the liquid exposes the wine to more air.

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