Motley Monday ~ best wine links for June 6, 2011

What we’ve been reading & tweeting this last week:

  1. New version of “Natalie MacLean Wine Picks & Pairings” app now available –
  2. “”Paired w/ bbq salmon, macaroni salad or sipped on its own chilled at a patio party, rosé wines are again hot sellers” –
  3. Example of gaming mechanics used well in unexpected places … “Snooth Turns Wine Discovery Into a Social Game” –
  4. “”Calling all gents: you want to woo your woman? Start with a glass of good wine.”
  5. The best assessment I’ve ever read re: the beer vs. wine debate as it relates to popcorn pairing: –

Fave Wine Fact of the Week

“There are about 400 species of oak, though only about 20 are used in making oak barrels. Of the trees that are used, only 5% is suitable for making high grade wine barrels. The average age of a French oak tree harvested for use in wine barrels is 170 years!”

Rosehill News!

We’re getting ready to launch our brand new web site and we’d love to feature your cellar – a cellar you built using Rosehill kits or one Rosehill built for you. Send pics to and we’ll make you cellar-famous!

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