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Canada Day / 4th of July roundup …

A Curious Coupling … That Works

pulled pork

Icewine Paired With Pulled-Pork on a Bun

Visitors to Flat Rock Cellars this past weekend were encouraged to try something new – a glass of Icewine paired with pulled-pork on a bun.

Staff at the Jordan Station, Ont. winery dubbed it a “Beauty and the Beast” pairing that, like the fairy tale, shows that opposites can attract given the right conditions. In this case, the match was made because Icewine was used in the sauce that glazed the pork. There was a natural affinity – a flavour bridge as some refer it – between the dish and the wine.

The unusual pairing worked because the dominant flavour of the pulled-pork came from its glaze and that taste complemented the flavours in the wine. This is usually the case: the dominant flavour of food is often the sauce or marinade, not the piece of protein it covers.

:: photo by Ginny via CC license ::