Foodie Friday ~ August 19, 2011 – “Israeli Wine Pairings”

Each Friday we turn to the wine community for news, tips and recipes for great food and wine pairings . . .

Israeli Wine Pairings Straight from the Masters

Winemakers Gil Shatsberg and Asaf Paz share their family recipes and expert Israeli wine pairing advice.

Published on Jul 25, 2011
By Lauren Buzzeo

It’s never easy to find the perfect wine and food pairing, especially when you’re considering experimenting with a new dish, wine or even culture. Although Israeli wine is commonly consumed during the Jewish holidays, it doesn’t always have to be paired with brisket, kugel and kreplach. Which begs the question: Aside from matching a kosher wine with a kosher holiday meal, how else should one pair food with Israeli wine?

Israeli Winemakers Gil Shatsberg from Recanati and Asaf Paz of Binyamina Winery offer wine and food pairing advice straight from the vinous source. Shatsberg presents two recipes from his kitchen that pair flawlessly with the wines he makes, while Paz shares an age-old family secret to best illustrate his idea of a perfect pairing.