Motley Monday ~ best wine links for August 22, 2011 “The World’s Largest Cork Tree”

What we’ve been reading & tweeting this last week:

  1. “A campaign to “go local” appears to be paying off for #Ontario #wine makers and microbrewers, an LCBO survey shows.”
  2. The average Brit drinks 5800 pints, 8700 wines, 2900 ciders, 5800 shots, 1450 cocktails and 1,450 glasses of bubbly over his/her lifetime:
  3. AC/DC, Snow Patrol and Train take the stage as the newest band of bands to hit the bottle:
  4. “Some wines deliver more than you’d expect”
  5. What’s a reserve wine?
  6. “App in One Hand, Wine Glass in the Other”

Fave Wine Fact of the Week

The Whistler Tree is harvested every nine years with the 1991 harvest produced 1200 kilograms of bark, more than most trees yield in a lifetime, and enough cork for 100,000 wine bottles!

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