Thirsty Thursday ~ August 25, 2011 – “Nero d’Avola and almonds”

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A Curious Coupling … That Works

It was an amazing ten-day wine trip to Italy, including Sicily. Hosted by Importer Winebow, we had an amazing opportunity to visit vineyards and winemakers and to explore their local culture in person. It was October in Sicily and we’d already had a lunch extravaganza and were now visiting Morgante’s vineyards in the southwestern part of the island. So instead of getting a giant meal with their wines, we were given an afternoon snack of every kind of almond confection one can imagine, paired with their two red wines made of the Nero d’Avola grape. The name translates as “black of the devil,” and Nero is now only found in Sicily, though its other moniker, Calabrese, alludes to a mainland origin in Calabria, the toe of Italy’s boot.