Motley Monday ~ best wine links for September 19, 2011

What we’ve been reading & tweeting this last week:

  1. “Wine and cupcakes are two of my favorite things, but wine IN cupcakes?”
  2. “A Wine Match for Summer Tomatoes”
  3. “902-Wine-0: Teen heartthrob Jason Priestley is all grown-up and owns a vineyard in Canada”
  4. “The Top Ten Off the Beaten Path Wine Country Experiences”
  5. Is it possible that there’s new wine grape, a variety that exists nowhere else in the world, in Oregon?
  6. ” … here are 10 things about wine I’d like to tell you”

Fave Wine Fact of the Week

A wine’s label will be marked with an O or a U inside of a P if the wine is kosher. This is the sign that the wine has been approved by the world’s largest kosher certification organization.

Rosehill News!

We’re working on the finishing touches of our brand new web site and we’d love to feature your cellar – a cellar you built using Rosehill kits or one Rosehill built for you. Send pics to and we’ll make you cellar-famous!

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