Wine Wednesday Words of Advice ~ September 7, 2011 – How to Spot Faulty Wine

Each Wine Wednesday we share words of advice from your favourite winos, oenophiles and beyond . . .

How to Spot Faulty Wine

Have you ever wondered what you’re supposed to do when the restaurant waiter, or the sommelier if you’re moving up in the world, pours you a taste? It’s simple; it’s so you can send it back if it’s faulty. The problem is, how do you know when a wine is faulty? Here The Winedoctor describes the most common faults with wine.

Knowing your way around wine isn’t only of use when in a restaurant. Wine purchased from supermarkets and merchants is just as likely to be faulty. If you can spot such defective wines, as a consumer you are well within your rights to return the bottle to the store and request a refund. Under British Law, goods must be of “merchantable quality”, and if not the retailer may not refuse a full refund, regardless of your probable inability to produce a receipt.




Question of the week

THE QUESTION: What does the year on the label mean?

THE ANSWER: This is the year in which the grapes were grown, not the year the wine was released.




Happy Wine Wednesday everyone!