Motley Monday ~ best wine links for October 24, 2011

What we’ve been reading & tweeting this last week:

  • Top 50 Wine Lists in U.S. Restaurants Announced by OpenTable ::link::
  • How to Host a Wine Tasting Party Williams-Sonoma weighs in… ::link::
  • How Dan Aykroyd finally got his skull vodka unbanned from the LCBO
  • “$200 bottle + $8 burrito = the new wine math”

Fave Wine Fact of the Week

“Darker shades of wine (the deepest, blackest reds and the most golden whites) usually come from warm climates and are rich and ripe. Lighter colors, especially in white wines, come from cooler climates and are lighter and less lush.”

Rosehill News!

We’re working on the finishing touches of our brand new web site and we’d love to feature your cellar – a cellar you built using Rosehill kits or one Rosehill built for you. Send pics to and we’ll make you cellar-famous!

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:: Toast photo taken by François Roche via Creative Commons Licensing ::