Foodie Friday ~ November 18, 2011 Raw Vegan Chef’s Tasting and Wine Pairing

Each Friday we turn to the wine community for news, tips and recipes for great food and wine pairings . . .


How to pair wine …This week: Vegetarian Food and Wine Pairing

Two easy rules for food and wine-pairing beginners, and some vegetarian selections to start tasting.

Wines bottles usually mention the flavour and sweetness of the wine, along with a brief note about food pairing; something like “serve with red meat or lamb” or the more modern “brie cheese and fruit”. Rarely are vegetarian dishes mentioned, and vegan recommendations are rarely, if ever, included.

Guest writer Chris Inns is Assistant Winemaker at Stonechurch Vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Chris has agreed to lend his wine pairing expertise to the vegetarian bunch, noting “The goal is simple: you want the wine to taste good with the food.”

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