What we’ve been reading & tweeting this last week:

  • “Six Chilean wines that are real finds” ::link::
  • “8 Budget-Friendly Destinations for Wine Lovers” ::link::
  • “Manitoba has become the sixth province in Canada allowing restaurants to offer customers a bring-your-own-wine service.” ::link::
  • “Andrew Peller Limited and Wayne Gretzky Estate Winery Form Joint Venture” ::link::


Fave Wine Fact of the Week

Move over, cork, and make way for screw caps. Today, screw caps are replacing corks on more than just inexpensive bottles. Currently, screw caps seal 75 percent of Australian wines and 93 percent of New Zealand wines, and they’re gaining popularity in all countries, including here in the U.S.

Read more: via delish.com


Rosehill News!

We’re working on the finishing touches of our brand new web site and we’d love to feature your cellar – a cellar you built using Rosehill kits or one Rosehill built for you. Send pics to danielle@rosehillwinecellars.com and we’ll make you cellar-famous!


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