Wine Wednesday Words of Advice ~ March 21, 2012 – health benefits of red wine

Each Wine Wednesday we share words of advice from your favourite winos, oenophiles and beyond . . .

Red wine, in moderation, has long been thought of as heart healthy. The alcohol and certain substances in red wine called antioxidants may help prevent heart disease by increasing levels of “good” cholesterol and protecting against artery damage.




Question of the week

THE QUESTION: What’s a good wine for sushi?

THE ANSWER: I love a good East-meets-West challenge, and I love sushi, so I’ve given this some thought over the years.

Many people equate the term sushi with raw fish, but the more correct word in that case is sashimi. Sushi is a Japanese dish involving vinegared rice, most commonly a roll stuffed with raw fish, though the rolls, typically sliced into disks, can contain other ingredients, notably raw vegetables. A “sushi” meal usually consists of a variety of such rolls as well as a few artfully sliced standalone pieces of raw fish. We’re talking freshness and delicacy, and that pretty much dictates a white wine. (I’m assuming from your question that you’re not, as am I, partial to the classic pairing, sake.)


Happy Wine Wednesday everyone!