Wine Wednesday Words of Advice ~ March 28, 2012 – The Art of Choosing The Best Wine Glass

Each Wine Wednesday we share words of advice from your favourite winos, oenophiles and beyond . . .

Why is the White Wine glass smaller than the Red Wine glass? The table next to us had their wine decanted, should we? Simple answers about different wine glasses, decanting and a few sommelier tips as Christopher Cribb from Marquee Selections and Bonnie Rabicoff from In The Kitchen With Bonnie go InTheCellar to explore wine glassware and gadgets.





Question of the week

THE QUESTION: What is the most misunderstood grape?

THE ANSWER: If I had to pick one, I’d say Chardonnay. While many people have a strong opinion about Chardonnay, either loving or loathing it, the grape is in fact a very neutral variety. It tends to take on the flavor of where it is grown, and by whom it has been made.

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Happy Wine Wednesday everyone!