Thirsty Thursday ~ April 12, 2012 – Sommeliers, BBQs, Bargains and Ice Cream

Each Thirsty Thursday we help you get ready for the weekend ahead with a round up of the best wine reviews and pairings from your fave winos, oenophiles and beyond . . .


  • Ritz-Carlton TOCA Sommelier Lorie Sullivan on BBQ wines, restaurant wine lists ::link::
  • Canoe Restaurant Sommelier Will Predhomme Tips for Tasting Wine ::link::
  • Royal York Sommelier Jimson Bienenstock Shares His Secrets for Enjoying Wine ::link::
  • Get fresh with spring’s favourite grape
  • LCBO has bargain buys to suit all tastes: Gord on Grapes ::link::
  • A Wine Lover’s Diary, part 388: Hungary


A Curious Coupling … That Works

Odd Pair: Snickers Ice Cream Bar and Blanc de Blancs

Why is it that every year we forget just how miserable it gets in August? We must, otherwise, we’d have all moved to Alaska to bunk with Sarah Palin by now. Anyway, it’s definitely ice cream weather and what’s better than a delicious Snickers candy bar filled with creamy vanilla ice cream? Not being Palin’s neighbor. Never mind, I digress.