Terroir Tuesday … New Zealand ~ May 1, 2012

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New Zealand Pinot Noir
Notes on dozens of wines tasted, my Top 10 list, and thoughts on what makes New Zealand’s Pinots unique!
May 1, 2012 By Gregory Dal Piaz

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to spend two packed weeks racing around New Zealand and tasting wines. As could be expected, there was plenty of Pinot Noir among the wines presented at various events, and I have to say I am certainly impressed by the overall level of quality many of these wines exhibited.

There’s a fairly wide diversity of styles on offer from the north to the south of this long, skinny pair of islands, a long with some famous regions with identifiable styles as well.

Take for instance Martinborough in the southeast of the North Island. Martinborough is known for its rather funky style of Pinot, many would say it is almost Burgundian.