Wine Wednesday Words of Advice ~ May 24th, 2012 – The Wines of Southern Italy

Each Wine Wednesday we share words of advice from your favourite winos, oenophiles and beyond . . .

The Wines of Southern Italy

The LCBO takes you on journey through the wine styles of Southern Italy. Beginning with the sun-baked beauty and unique wines of Sicily, this journey continues on the mainland through historic Campania and over to Apulia, the fertile region that forms the heel of the Italian boot.



Question of the week

The question: What wines are likely to stain my teeth?

Where red wine enjoys popularity, dental hygienists and toothpaste vendors are sure to follow. Pigment in any red wine is pretty intense, which is why a single spot of merlot on a white blouse can be fatal for the garment. The colour saturation gets more intense as you go from light- to full-bodied, as you might have guessed. So, Beaujolais and pinot noir, for example, deliver less staining power than syrah, merlot and cabernet sauvignon, and wines such as Chianti and Rioja are more or less in the middle.


Happy Wine Wednesday everyone!