Wine Wednesday Words of Advice ~ June 6th, 2012 – Master Sommelier, Joseph Spellman

Each Wine Wednesday we share words of advice from your favourite winos, oenophiles and beyond . . .

Master Sommelier Joseph Spellman offers advice on flavor pairings

Master Sommelier, Joseph Spellman of Justin & Landmark Vineyards in California. Spellman, one of only 118 Master Sommeliers in North America, has been in the industry for over 30 years.

In this video he offers his thoughts on unique food and wine pairings, flavors to add or stay away from and menu planning.



Question of the week

The question: Does a half-empty bottle of Champagne keep bubbles longer if you leave a spoon inside the neck?

The answer: That’s a classic folk tale; you’ve just opened a can of worms with the opened bottle of bubbly.

The short answer is no. Dangling a spoon inside the neck – with the oval portion sticking out – fails to stop carbon dioxide from escaping. The practice is common in European households, where they tend to specifically prescribe a silver spoon. But the metal doesn’t matter. Silver or stainless yields the same (ineffective) result.

Read the rest at: The Globe and Mail.


Happy Wine Wednesday everyone!