How do you become a wine judge? ~ Wine Wednesday Words of Advice for July 18, 2012

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Wine 101: Behind the Scenes of Wine Judging

What are all of those award stickers on bottles in your local wine shop really saying? What goes into a wine competition? Find out what it takes to become a wine judge, how wines win awards and the incredible number wines Tim has tasted in one day.



Question of the week

The question: Does Napa County produce enough grapes?

The answer: Now more than two decades old, the rule that Napa wine be made with at least 75-percent Napa grapes is a signature of the wine industry.

But two wineries’ recent proposals to expand production has called into question that rule’s future viability. What happens if wineries’ production exceeds the availability of Napa County grapes and crashes headlong into the 75-percent rule?

Industry groups say it’s far too early to render any verdicts on that fear. They are in the early stages of analyzing the data and trends in grape and wine production.

Read the rest at: The Napa Valley Register.


Happy Wine Wednesday everyone!