Malaysian Pairings, Pink Picks and more – Thirsty Thursday for July 19th, 2012

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A Curious Coupling … That Works

How to Pair Wine with Junk Food – Forget the Cheese

Much to my surprise, I learned that I wasn’t alone when I recently came across a magazine snippet about how to pair wine with junk food. Intrigued, I did a little more research, and get this… it’s actually trendy. Really!! I suppose there’s something to be said about a fun, new challenge. As crazy as it sounds, it is really more of the same. After all, isn’t pairing and enjoying wine all about playing off the flavors? These flavors just happen to be out of a foil bag, rather than off of bone china.

Verdicchio Di Metallica or Grenache Blanc
– acidic enough to handle the intense cheddar
– pair with Cheetos