A wine that pairs with anything? ~ Thirsty Thursday for August 23rd, 2012

Each Thirsty Thursday we help you get ready for the weekend ahead with a round up of the best wine reviews and pairings from your fave winos, oenophiles and beyond . . .


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A Curious Coupling … That Works

Tricky Foods

Some foods present obstacles to enjoying wine on account of their given nature, never mind in what manner we prepare them (with oil, for example, or salt or sugar).

Such foods are Brussels sprouts and spinach (they can make wine taste metallic); milk, yogurt, cheese and ice cream (like eggs, they coat the palate); very oily or highly smoked fish (they overpower many wines); and highly acidic foods, such as some vinaigrettes or pickles, or citrus, tomatoes or mustard (they ruin low-acid wines, of which there are a plethora).

Plus, be mindful that many of the food elements that we add, willy-nilly, to our cooking can make a danger zone out of a plate of something hitherto very wine-friendly. Plop a dollop of sweet-sour, tangy Major Grey’s chutney on an innocuous grilled chicken breast and see how sweet and acid can make mayhem with a wine.