Summer Shrimp Salad ~ Foodie Friday – August 3rd, 2012

Each Friday we turn to the wine community for news, tips and recipes for great food and wine pairings . . .

Finding partners for summer shrimp salad

Blame it on the heat. This month, the wine panel craved a substantial summer salad — the kind that could stand in for dinner. When we found a great shrimp and potato salad recipe from northern Italy, we jumped at the chance to pair it with wines under $20.

In this dish, sweet Gulf shrimp team with ripe tomatoes, basil, slivered red onions and potatoes. The onions are tossed in red wine vinegar and the potatoes are tossed with white wine. It’s a happy meld of subtle flavors that dance on the palate.

The potatoes add heft to make the salad a one-dish meal. They also lend a starchiness that blends with the dressing; it’s a tasty departure from the vinaigrettes and mayo-based dressings that bind most shrimp salads.