Why is pairing wine w/ pizza considered odd in Italy? – Thirsty Thursday for August 9th, 2012

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A Curious Coupling … That Works

Pizza … odd in Italy at least!

Pizza… in Italy, homeland of pizza and a country where wine is considered an essential element of healthy dining, pizza and wine are rarely if ever paired.

Don’t believe me? Ask an Italian: From German-speaking Italy in the north to Sicily, Italians will invariably tell you that they pair beer or Coca Cola with pizza. In fact, the thought of pizza matched with wine is outright repugnant to some Italians, who tend to hold tradition above experimentation when it comes to their gastronomic heritage.

There is one exception to the rule. In Naples, the city where pizza originated, they pair a sparkling red wine with pizza: Gragnano. Low in alcohol, gently fizzy, grapey and bright in acidity, chilled Gragnano works well with pizza, which is traditionally served piping hot (I hate to break it to you but Italians — even stoner Italians — don’t eat cold pizza for breakfast).