A Fine Wine Infographic ~ Wine Wednesday

Each Wine Wednesday we share words of advice from your favourite winos, oenophiles and beyond . . .

A Fine Wine Infographic

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Source: hat tip to Neatorama.


Question of the week

The question: Are American wines or French wines higher or lower in sulphur?

The answer: With the equivalent of the United Nations of consumer at our table and wanting to avoid a polemical discussion of nationalistic amplitude, I deflected the question by answering that I had in fact conducted a sulphur poll of reputable New Zealand wineries, some of which are officially certified as organic or biodynamic, and others that had adopted such practices. Not one of them exceeded 120ppm total sulphur with a range between 30 and 100ppm.

Adding, it is interesting to note that producers who bottle under screwcap add less sulphur at bottling than those who use cork, but more importantly consumers should also appreciate that the levels at bottling will decrease over time as the free sulphur dissolves in the wine with bottle age.


Happy Wine Wednesday everyone!

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