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Surasundaris, saqis, South African wine

The moment we have five ‘videshi mudra’, it’s possible we may feel pressured to be knowledgeable about wine culture as one of the prescribed marks of dominant farang culture. But we don’t NEED to know about foreign wine to appear stylish. I mean, let’s have a little cultural confidence, citizens.

People have always enjoyed a good drink in India. There are reportedly 114 verses in the ninth chapter of the Rig Veda in praise of Soma, the milkweed brew, besides the Vishnu Purana’s description of how Amrita, nectar of immortality, appeared from the Milk Ocean as one of the fourteen treasures of the deep (and if you’re addicted to ‘Devon ka Dev Mahadev’ like I am, you would have rejoiced too at how the gods are very much with us despite the unohoos).

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