Bill C-311 with Dan Albas ~ Wine Wednesday

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Shipping Wine Across Canada

Natalie MacLean chats via video with Member of Parliament Dan Albas about what Bill C-311 means for Canadian wine lovers and wineries today, and what needs to happen next.


Question of the week

The question: How do you know when a wine has ‘flavours of cigar box’? Have you licked one?

The answer: I gather some cigar aficionados lick the full Montecristo before lighting up to help prevent a potentially dry wrapper from unravelling, but I grant that cigar boxes are another matter.

In short, no, I have not licked, boiled, burned, sautéed or otherwise cooked or consumed a humidor. It’s a great question. My justification is this: One need not taste something on the tongue to arrive at its flavour. Though many people equate taste with flavour, the two are not synonymous. The tongue in fact can detect only five tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and the savoury essence known as umami. (Though I should point out that a team of U.S. scientists recently postulated that there is a sixth taste, and it happens to be my favourite – fat.)

Read the rest at the: The Globe and Mail.


Happy Wine Wednesday everyone!

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