How to plan your night of tasting ~ Wine Wednesday

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How to plan your night of tasting

Vancouver Sun wine writer Anthony Gismondi and winemaker Sandra Oldfield of Tinhorn Creek Vineyards give us tips on how to plan your night.


Question of the week

The question: I opened a wine on a Tuesday and didn’t like it. I retried the opened bottle three days later and it was awesome. Doesn’t wine get worse after it’s opened?

The answer: I have two theories for your happy discovery. Wine does, indeed, tend to bite the dust a few days after it’s been exposed to air. But the rate of descent depends on the style. Some wines, notably such full-bodied reds as cabernet sauvignon, can blossom before they wither, like a bowl of chili or stew that tastes better the day after it’s made. Astringent tannins will soften and the fruit will step out of the shadows. (Lots of metaphors, I know.) That’s the main reason you might want to decant a big, young red prior to serving.

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Happy Wine Wednesday everyone!

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