Investing in wine, Bordeaux futures and more … for this Motley Monday

What we’ve been reading & tweeting this last week:

  • “Why You Should Drink Fumé Blanc This Summer” ::link::
  • “Why You Should (Almost) Always Pair Cheese with White Wine, Not Red”
  • “9 Canadian wines that make the most out of challenging conditions”
  • “Rosehill Wine Cellars constructs custom cellars. Large or small, for home and retail … here’s a primer” ::link::
  • “Quebec’s 30-year-old wine industry is finally growing” ::link::
  • “Bordeaux 2012 Futures: Grab Pomerols, Mouton, Forget Rest”
  • “One of the oft-asked questions is: Should all wines be decanted?” ::link::

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