An early harvest, Ontario’s borders, the elusive $8 bottle, and more … for this Motley Monday #wine

What we’ve been reading & tweeting this last week:

Red and White wine in glasses

  • Do you agree w/ this editorial? “Ontario should open its borders to Canadian wines: Editorial” ::link::
  • “Try a white wine that’s perfect with cheese — and cheeseburgers” ::link::
  • Did you know that Rosehill Wine Cellars builds custom cellars? Big/small, for home/retail … here’s a primer. ::link::
  • “$8 wines becoming hard to find — Suddenly, the new normal for freshly accepted wines is $14.95” ::link::
  • Warm Weather Means Early Calif. Wine Grape Harvest ::link::
  • If you spend $41,500 on a case of wine, you just might be a moral monster ::link::
  • Sneak Peak: LCBO Best Wines Vintages Aug 17 — Gorgeous Pinot & Syrah ::link::


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