New Coca-Cola Inspired RIEDEL Glass!

Stop drinking Coca-Cola out of those classic-thick walled glass bottles, when now you can drink Coca-Cola out of a classy and sophisticated Riedel glass!

Riedel, commonly known for its crystal wine glasses and beautifully designed crystal decanters, is excited to introduce its new 2014 Coca-Cola glass! Inspired by the iconic shape and curviness of the Coca-Cola Classic contour bottle, Riedel has ventured into a new glass offering and has mastered a shape to compliment the taste and carbonation of this timeless beverage.

A team of both Riedel and Coca-Cola taste experts developed a wine glass, by trial and error, specifically for this classic beverage. Developed the same way Riedel created all of its various crystal wine glasses for specific types of wine, Riedel focuses on the taste of Coca-Cola, the spices, the aroma of this classic beverage and thus creates a glass that makes each sip a magical sensorial experience!

Now, shall I pour you a glass of Bordeaux? A glass of Cabernet or Chardonnay? Or perhaps a nice curvy glass of Coca-Cola?