Essential Storage Tips For Wine Collectors


Collecting wine is something that a lot of people enjoy. It has been a very popular hobby even in ancient times. Wine is fine. It is delicious. It is addicting. It is no surprise why so many people love collecting it. Of course, there is a saying that goes like this – “wine improves with age.” Thus, wine collectors and enthusiasts should really learn how to store wine properly. If you are new to the world of wine collecting, here are some storage tips for you:

Keep your storage area cool

Wine has to be stored in a cool area. This applies whether you are storing your wine in a cabinet, a chest, or in a wine rack situated in a wine cellar. The perfect temperature ranges from fifty-five to fifty-seven degrees Fahrenheit. IF it is quite hot in your area, then you would really need to store your wine in a moderately cool refrigerator or you can consider installing a cooling system in your cellar. A cooling system can help maintain the temperature in your storage area and would definitely prevent your wine from suffering from drastic temperature changes.

Keep your wine on its side

It is unpractical to store wine in an upright manner. Doing so would cause the cork to dry out and once it dries out, it will let oxygen pass through it. You would not want your wine to be ruined by oxygen. Now, keeping your wine bottle on its side will maintain the moistness of the cork. There are tons of cases and racks out there that let you store wine on its sides or even in a titled manner. And if you go on a wine tour and check out different wineries, you would notice that wine bottles are really stored on their sides.

Keep the lights out

Another important tip in storing wine is that you should avoid exposing it to light – especially sunlight. The UV rays of the sun can definitely ruin the taste of your wine. Now for the light bulbs in your storage area, it is more practical to go for incandescent bulbs than fluorescent bulbs. Even if incandescent are more expensive and consumes more energy than their counterparts, they do not emit amounts of UV light. Thus, they help preserve the good taste of your wine while preventing you from stumbling in the dark.

Keep the humidity levels moderate

A standard humidity level of seventy percent is followed by so many wine collectors out there. A low level of humidity, would dry out your cork and the effects of a dry cork has already been discussed earlier. If you do not really live in a dry and very hot climate, a humidity level of even fifty percent is okay. So do not worry much about humidity if you do not live near a desert.

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