Storing Your Wine Bottles Perfectly


When buying wines for whichever your purpose is, it is important to understand how to perfectly store them. If improperly stored, wines, even those great, expensive and rare types never reach their true potential. The ideal wine storage conditions consist of proper wine racks, an environment that is neither too damp, nor too dry, wine chillers and the likes.

Wine storage solutions

Most people don’t have own sommeliers, meaning that wine storage is normally a great issue for them. So, should that recently acquired bottle of wine be stored for a month, several of them or for years. What about humidity and temperature? Or should the bottle be stored on its side or standing up? These are some of the questions that regularly arise where wine storage is concerned. Apart from this, there is an issue on how a wine bottle should be stored once opened. Read on to find out more on long term and short term wine storage!

Wine experts recommend that a wine cellar storage facility be anywhere near 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from this, the stored wines need to be free of vibrations and light. While some collectors are able to properly store their valuable wine collection, the majority of them turn to experts for advice on how to do so. These experts offer different wine storage services for instance, cellar construction services, storage advice, wine cellar design services and so forth.

Short term wine storage solutions

If you are buying wines for an upcoming event, but need to store them for a number of months, the following tips are perfect as short-term storage solutions. To start with, the bottles need to be stored on their sides in order to prevent the cork form drying out, that is unless they are screw-top varieties. The bottles need to be stored in a dark place, most preferably where the temperatures remain constant.

Note that light reacts with proteins in the wines, deteriorating the taste while at it, so need to be avoided at all costs. Moreover, wines should not be stored on top of a refrigerator as its vibrations are not good for them. Follow these tips and your wine will remain in perfect drinking conditions for up to 6 months or so.

Long term wine storage solutions

Long term wine storage need a little more planning than the short term option. But similar to short term storage solutions, the wines still need to be stored in dark places where temperatures remain constant, 50 degrees Fahrenheit for that matter. All the same, the ideal temperature for wine storage varies from one type of a wine to another.

The preferable humidity for wine storage is between 60% and 80% to avoid the corks from drying out. The bottles should be stored on their sides. And if you don’t have a wine rack, then this is the right time for its acquisition. If your budget allows it, invest on more sophisticated wine storage equipments or appliances, for example wine refrigerators, chillers and the likes. These appliances allow you to control the humidity and the temperature as need be.

All in all, wine bottles should never be stored near bottles or cans with liquids or foods with strong aromas so as to prevent the wine from absorbing the smells.