How To Convert Your Basement Into A Commercial Wine Storage Facility


Quite a number of people are interested in wine for various reasons. The commonest of these is because they are wine connoisseurs, and they would like to have enough stock so as to be able to savor it when needed. However, there are some who are more interested in the value that the wine might have in future. When wine is properly aged, it tends to be very valuable, particularly if it’s a rare kind. By collecting and storing the wines, you can then later sell them for a huge profit. However, how this is done depends on how you do the storage. One way to do it would be to convert your basement into a wine cellar. Some of the things you will have to look out for when doing this include:

Climate control

In order for the wine to age properly, it needs to be subjected to the right amounts of temperature and humidity. Unfortunately, this varies from place to place. The good thing is that there are a few changes you can make to your basement so as to convert it to a more conducive environment for wine storage. The most effective of these is the use of an air conditioner that is designed specifically for wine rooms. These monitor the air within the basement, making sure that it has the right moisture and temperature to keep all your valuable wine in good condition for as long as possible.

Watch how the painting is done

The type of paint you use for the basement when converting it into a wine storage facility can also have an effect on the quality of the wine. This is especially so if the paint used has a lot of volatile organic compounds, which can seep into the wine and corrupt it. You should therefore insist on using paints that don’t have such compounds. If you are using a contractor for the job, all you have to do is ask them to use VOC-free paints.

Make some room for bottle tracking

If you are going to collect a lot of wine, it would be a good idea to find ways of tracking it, so as to figure out issues such as how long each bottle has aged for. This is something that you might need to incorporate in the design of the basement. If you are choosing wine racks, for instance, you can try to make sure that they can be labelled in some way. For instance, you can opt for custom made ones that can allow you to put tags on each storage space.

These are just some of the practical things you need to keep in mind when converting your basement into a wine storage room. Remember, if you are going to store wine for commercial purposes, you have to make sure that the environment in the facility does not leave any room for damage to the wines through any mechanism. This way, you can earn as much as possible from each bottle you decide to sell.