The Right Glass

Find the Right Glass to Compliment your Wine

At Rosehill Wine Cellars we carry a large variety of different wine glasses. From sparkling, slim ‘flute’ styles to larger, brighter ‘Bordeaux’ styles we have them all. But what exactly is the point of having such a large variety of stemware? What is the difference between a red and white wine glass? And why should you spend the money to ensure that your wine is being served in the right glass?

The wine glass is essential to enjoying a glass of wine. If you are a skeptic there is a simple test that will assure you of this fact. Take a bottle of your favourite wine, be it red or white, and pour a glass of it into a mug. Compare your glass of mug wine with a glass of the same wine in a proper wine glass. You will notice a harrowing difference. The simple truth of it is that a wine glass is not designed to look impressive, but in fact its sole purpose is to maximize your enjoyment and appreciation of that special bottle of wine. Therefore, you are ultimately doing yourself a favour by having the right glass for your wine.

Rosehill carries a wide variety of stemware designed to meet all of your wine glass needs and desires. We carry both Riedel as well as Spiegelau brand names. Click on the link below to peruse our selection. 

Red versus White

The key difference between red and white wine glasses is the shape of the bowl. When enjoying red wine it is important that the wine makes contact with oxygen. Therefore, increased surface area is vital. The larger bowl will also make it easier to swirl. Swirling is an important part of enjoying your glass of wine, because it releases aroma compounds and aerates the wine. This is why most wine glasses have a stem. Other purposes of the stem include maintaining the serving temperature of the wine, as well as ensuring that there are no fingerprints on the glass. The stem also helps you tilt your wine in order to better survey the colour.

The Truth behind the ‘Bordeaux’ and ‘Burgundy’ Glasses

Red wine glasses are further divided into two broad categories. These include ‘Bordeaux’ and ‘Burgundy’ red wine glasses. The difference between these two categories involves a bit of engineering. The ‘Bordeaux’ style glass is designed to be taller and less broad than the ‘Burgundy’ glass. The ‘Burgundy’ style is designed to increase the enjoyment of varietals such as Pinot Noir and any other highly aromatic reds. By contrast, the ‘Bordeaux’ style is intended for more heavy bodied reds, including Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

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White Wine Glasses

White wine glasses are designed to have a narrower bowl than red wine glasses. This is mainly because white wine does not require as much contact with oxygen. Therefore, a decrease in surface area is desired in order to appreciate white wine. The narrower shape is also designed to maximize the perception of volatile aroma compounds unique to white wine, such as apricot or grapefruit.

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Keeping the Sparkle

There are a lot of other wine glass styles, but the last key style is the ‘flute’. The ‘flute’ is tall and narrow and is used to serve sparkling wines. This glass is designed to ensure that your sparkling wine stays sparkly. Unfortunately, because the glass is so narrow it limits the perception of the aromatic compounds within sparkling wine.

Rosehill carries a large variety of sparkling wine glasses all designed to keep the sparkle in your glass. We carry both Riedel as well as Spiegelau ‘flute’ glasses. Click on the links below to peruse our selection.