Throwing A Party? We Can Help!

It is summer time, and the days are finally once again bright, sunny and long! If you are planning a pool party or any type of garden party, Rosehill Wine Cellars has lots of great products that will help make your party a hit! Here are a few ideas:

Wine Barrel Trays

If you are throwing a party, but do not have any trays, we have you covered. Here at Rosehill Wine Cellars we carry a line of trays crafted from old wine barrels. These items are both decorative and original. We also have a varied selection of ‘Lazy Susans’.

To peruse our selection of genuine wine barrel trays and Lazy Susans please click on the links below.

Party Buckets and Colourful Stoppers

Other party necessities include wine buckets. If you are throwing a large garden party or pool party, it is inconvenient to have to keep running back inside in order to grab open bottles of wine from the fridge. Therefore, at Rosehill we recommend that you use a wine bucket. Just fill the bucket with ice, and you can stop worrying about keeping the wine cool. Finally, if you have a lot of wine open you will probably need some wine stoppers. We have a large selection of wine stoppers. However, my personal favourites are the colourful, handmade ‘Art Glass Bottle Stoppers’.

You can find our large selection of wine buckets and wine stoppers via the links below.