The Modern Wine Cellar: A Contemporary Approach to Cellaring

So you are planning on building a wine cellar, but you aren’t necessarily a huge fan of the classic wood laden cellar. Here at Rosehill Wine Cellars we carry a series of modern wine racking options, designed to look more contemporary and eccentric. These modern racking options are ideal for any space, including kitchens and dining rooms. If you are looking to store larger quantities of wine, but don’t have the space for a cellar these options are ideal for you.

Vintage View Wine Racks

In addition, to achieving a more contemporary look; these wine racking options are also more reasonably priced, and are perfect for the more budget conscious individual. Here at Rosehill we carry a variety of modern racking options. Options include ‘Vintage View Wine Racks’ as well as an assortment of peg racking choices.

If you are interested in taking a peek at our vintage view wine racks, or our wine peg racking options please click on the links below.

Specialty Wine Racks

If you are feeling creative with your racking choices Rosehill also carries a large selection of specialty wine racks. These racks are ideal for storing a small selection of wine. Most of the specialty wine racks can easily fit on kitchen counters. There is also an assortment of racks that can hang on the wall. These racks are perfect for condo living, and will help you store your wine properly in any space.

Feel free to select a specialty wine rack from our varied selection featured in the link below, and get creative with your racking options!

Remember to always store your wine horizontally, in order to ensure that the cork does not dry out! Proper wine storage is an essential element to aging your wine gracefully.